Ray Peat counseling

BiochemNordic counseling

I do individual (one on one counseling) providing diet and health advice based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat.

The counseling sessions can take place in-person, but normally it is done via Phone or Skype, thus long distance is no problem. I speak Danish and English.

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During the individual counseling I continuously make reference to the material in the online program, it is therefore important that you have access to the online program when starting the individual counseling.

Together the counseling sessions and the online program guide you to a complete health lifestyle in line with the research of Dr. Ray Peat.

The  individual counseling  process works as a course where I teach you how to implement the knowledge of BiochemNordic's online program into your daily routine. The diet program is adjusted to your needs and you will receive personal guidance on thyroid blood test, nutritional supplements as well as metabolic and hormonal support.

The course is divided into two phases (see below) with phase one concentrating on diet and light therapy and phase two focusing more on thyroid therapy and other energy supportive substances. The exact form and length of the course will be tailored to your health situation. 

BiochemNordic's online program and a one hour individual counseling session can be bought together in a course start package, and from there on sessions can be bought in course packages each containing three sessions.

It is possible to purchase counseling sessions individually, but it is important to note that more than one session is always needed in order to resolve longstanding health issues.

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Course - Phase one 

In order to combat any disease or imbalance and stay healthy throughout life, the first step should always be to provide the body with an energy supportive diet and environment.

Phase one of this course therefore focuses on application of the diet and health recommendations which are outlined in module 1-15 of the online program.

Lesson one:

  • Your health story and assessment of how the individual counseling best can help you!
  • Understanding the balance between health and disease (Module 1).
  • Understanding metabolism/thyroid function (Module 2).
  • Foods that suppress the thyroid function (Module 2).
  • Using pulse rate and temperature to measure your metabolism (Module 2)
  • Understanding my temperature and pulse logs and curves.
  • Understanding my food plan
  • Understanding my Supplement plan
  • Understanding my symptom log

Lesson two: 

  • Understanding cholesterol (Module 3).
  • Healthy and harmful fats (Module 4)
  •  What are the best carbohydrates (Module 5)
  • Sugar cravings, candida overgrowth, diabetes  (Module 12)
  • Selecting  good protein sources (Module 6).
  • Combining foods to prevent low blood sugar and stress (Module 7).

Lesson three:

  • Using salt and sugar to improve sleep (Module 8 and 12).
  • Facts about coffee, vine and beer (Module 9).
  • Improving digestion and limiting bacteria and yeast production in the gut (Module 10).
  • What causes food intolerance and how to correct it  (Module 11).
  • Harmful food additives can create serious health problems (Module 13).
  • Beneficial and harmful supplements (Module 14).
  • Light therapy to improve your hormonal balance  and reduce stress (Module 15).

At the end of phase one your improvements in symptoms as well as pulse rate and temperature are evaluated. It is clarified whether diet, nutritional supplements and light therapy are enough to handle your metabolic optimization, or if further energy support is needed. In the later case your healing journey will continue in phase two. 

 Course - Phase Two

Sometimes the body has been downward spiraling into a low energy state for such a long time that it is necessary to take additional measures besides diet, nutritional supplements and light therapy to bring the cellular energy back up!

Phase two of this course focuses on module 16 of the online program concerning thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Many aspects of using thyroid therapy can be difficult, and fine tuning the treatment to your body's needs is often complicated. Apart from information on thyroid therapy this phase also contains information on many other energy supportive, hormonal balancing and anti-inflammatory substances.

Phase two is for people who are struggling with a complex array of more serious symptoms and conditions. The content of phase two will depend very much on your specific health situation; often phase two includes:

  • Evaluation of the severity and nature of your thyroid problem.
  • Review of thyroid function blood tests
  • Advice on thyroid therapy
  • Understanding estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency
  • Advise on progesterone therapy
  • Understanding stress hormones and how to balance them
  • Advise on how anti-inflammatory remedies can be helpful in shifting the body from inflammation and degeneration to healing  and repair.
  • Medication plan
  • Temperature and pulse logs
  • Symptom logs

At the end of phase two your improvements in symptoms as well as pulse rate and temperature are evaluated. 

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