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Ray Peat health program

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BiochemNordic has the pleasure to present you its online educational program, which primary focus is to teach you how to optimize your metabolism and hormonal balance in general using diet and other energy  supportive components. The method  is based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat.

The material is based on correspondence with Dr. Ray Peat as well as on his books, newsletters and interviews. Using simple biochemical explanations that do not require a scientific background the program provides you with the important aspects of a diet and health life style in line with the recommendations of Dr. Ray Peat.

The program presently consist of 17 modules, but the material is continuously updated and expanded with new information. To see the full table of content of the program click here! You can use the search function to the right, to search this site for specific subjects that have your interest. This way you can get a peak into the content of the program!

How does the program work 

The typical modern diet and most health diets include substances that directly inhibit the body's energy production; by eliminating these and instead basing the diet on energy supportive foods, your body is strengthened.

Ray Peat coconut oil

Ray Peat diet

The program teaches you to select and combine foods that provide the cells of your body with the best sources of energy; it is based on protective fats (such as coconut oil) good carbohydrates (mainly from fruits) and high quality proteins (such as eggs, milk, shellfish and certain meats). Often certain nutritional supplements can be helpful in a full energy supportive program.

The program can be used by vegetarians and provides important knowledge regarding good and bad sources of non-animal protein. The material include food lists, which can be used as the basis for grocery shopping.

The first step to good health should always be to provide the body with an energy supportive diet. However, sometimes the body has been downward spiraling into a low energy state for such a long time that it is necessary to take additional measures to bring the cellular energy back up! The program therefore besides diet advise also provides crucial information on other energy supportive components including thyroid replacement therapy and light therapy. 

The program contains biochemical explanations and practical solutions to important health issues such as low metabolism, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory diseases, blood sugar problems, sleep problems, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ideas of how to overcome food intolerance and much more!

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Online program -129 USD 

Right now we are running a campaign offer on the online program, where you get the program for 129 USD. The normal price is 199 USD and you thus save 70 USD!

Upon purchase of the program you will gain immediate access to all 17 modules of the program (including all updates). To purchase the program please go to our shop!

In order to protect the copyright of the program, it is an online program only, without the possibility for download. This means that you are reading/using the program online on your computer, tablet or other device. The advantage of this is that you will constantly have access  to the latest updated information.

For people not familiar with Dr. Ray Peat’s research, or in the case of more serious health issues, it is advisable to combine the online program with individual counseling.

The individual counseling sessions and the online program work side by side to guide you to a better health! You can purchase the online program together with a one hour individual counseling  session  in a course start package. To purchase the start package please go to our shop!