thyroid replacement therapy ray peat

I am pleased to announce that a new module 16 on thyroid replacement therapy has just been added to BiochemNordi’s online program. Module 16 concerns thyroid therapy and focuses on giving you an understanding of how to interpret thyroid blood tests, how to best determine your thyroid function and how to use thyroid therapy correctly! You see the full tabel of of the module below. 

Module 16 – Thyroid replacement therapy:

  • The thyroid system - interplay between T4, T3 and TSH
  • Blood tests for thyroid function - are they valid?
  • How to best determine your thyroid function
  • The problem with pure T4 medication
  • Natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) therapy
  • Why Ray Peat is not recommending NDT anymore
  • Ray Peat is recommending synthetic T4 and T3 therapy
  • Strength conversion between NDT (grains) and synthetic's (mcg)
  • Thyroid therapy dosage example
  • How to use thyroid therapy correctly
  • Starting thyroid therapy
  • Adjusting the thyroid dose to complement the body's changing needs