Ray Peat thyroid
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Hypothyroid treatment

I have an MSc in biochemistry from the University of Copenhagen and a Ph.D. in Chemical and Biochemical engineering form the technical university of Denmark.

My passion for health and especially the implication of low thyroid function in disease stems from my own health story. When I was 20 years old I had symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, allergies etc.

I owe my journey back to health, to the brilliant work of Dr. Ray Peat, who’s health principles I have applied to my own life ever since. I have made an article that describes my health story and explain how Dr. Ray Peat’s advice helped me overcome my hypothyroidism.

Dr. Ray Peat's thyroid recovery method

Through my company BiochemNordic, I help people increase cellular energy production and overcome symptoms of hypothyroidism using the health principles of Dr. Ray Peat.

The thyroid gland controls metabolism and cellular energy production.

The key notion of Dr. Ray Peat is that the gap between the body’s resources and the demands placed on it from the environment creates disease, thus harmful degenerative processes occurs instead of repair and healing when there is low thyroid function and thus lack of cellular energy.

Ray Peat’s health method is different than other health programs out there. It is not just a quick fix, instead, it is built on a deep understanding of how the body works on the biochemical level. 

Thyroid diet

My hypothyroid treatment system is based on my own struggles with low thyroid function. Throughout this website and my online services, you will learn more about BiochemNordic's revolutionizing hypothyroid treatment approach!


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I have heard once that it’s extremely rare that someone is interested in Dr. Ray Peat’s ideas, unless they have first exhausted all other “reasonable” alternatives. It is definitely true in my case. After years of struggling with damaged metabolism (since childhood) I found myself really struggling to maintain my energy levels, weight and mood while following mainstream health advice. This is when I discovered Ray Peat. I began devouring his articles and books applying his principles and recommendations and slowly connecting the dots in my own health history. I gave up dieting once and forever. I started feeding my body the foods it had been starving for and I began feeling better quite quickly.

That said, I was rather “clumsy” and made a lot of mistakes in the beginning implementing his recommendations. Eventually, I started working with Benedicte and it changed my life. At last, everything fell into place helping me to achieve the optimal state of my health and weight. Benedicte is personable, caring and detail-oriented. But, most importantly, her recommendations work. I would notice a difference within weeks after implementing her advice. Thank you very much for all your amazing work.
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If you want to fast track your way to health with Ray Peat's approach, work with Benedicte. I have been following his approach for a few years, and after contacting her to make refinements, I wish I would have contacted her sooner. She is very knowledgeable, and thoroughly understands thyroid, hormonal imbalances and his diet. Working with her is individualized, which has made improvements much faster. Her ability to synthesize and distill the important principles of his work has made it very easy to understand, not to mention the care she puts into convey the information. I highly recommend working with her!

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