Carrot salad

The fibers of raw carrots contain antimicrobial chemicals that reduce the bacteria and fungus/yeast (candida), which naturally are present in the human digestive system. The antimicrobial fibers of carrots also bind some of the endotoxins produced by gut bacteria. Including raw carrots in your daily diet is an important step to not only improving digestive health but also overall health.

The famous Dr. Ray Peat carrot salad in my special summer edition:

It contains a big shredded carrot, fresh strawberries, raisins, a ripe banana and lemon juice for freshness. 
The carrot fibers clean the intestine and improve digestions. The fruit contains fructose which supports thyroid function and promotes a stable blood sugar.

You can learn more about foods that support the thyroid function in my online hypothyroid treatment program. In Module 10 of this program,  you find much more information on anti-microbial fibers and how they can help you keep your digestion healthy. 

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