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Diet help

According to Dr. Ray Peat's research your daily diet is one of the most important factors in determining your health!

The typical modern diet and most health diets include substances that directly inhibit the body's energy production; by eliminating these and instead basing the diet on energy supportive foods, your body is strengthened and your thyroid function is increased.

According to the research of Dr. Ray Peat a thyroid supportive meal should contain a combination of good quality protein, such as eggs, milk, shellfish and meats from ruminant animals, carbohydrates mainly from low starchy fruits and healthy saturated fats including coconut oil, butter or other dairy fat. The biochemical explanations for these recommendations are provided in BiochemNordic's online program, which is available to members.

Keeping the blood sugar steady is necessary in order to keep the metabolism up and the stress hormones down. Thus  small snacks during the day and at bedtime is advisable. The diet help therefore contains healthy snack examples.

BiochemNordic's diet help includes  meal and  snack  examples, which help you implement the thyroid supportive diet suggestions of Dr. Ray Peat, aiming at giving easy recipes, that do not require much preparation.

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