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Thyroid expert

Hypothyroid treatment

I have created a range of online member services to help you overcome symptoms of hypothyroidism!

The services focus on supporting thyroid function and the body’s natural protective anti-aging and anti-stress hormones; Thereby shifting the body from degradation and disease to healing and repair.

You can learn more about each services below. By signing up for BiochemNordic’s membership, ýou will get imidiate acces to to all member services!

Thyroid expert
Benedicte Lerche, Biochemist M.Sc. Ph.D.

Member services

The diet and health recommendations presented by BiochemNordic are aimed at curing hypothyroidism and are very different from other health programs. The method is based on the work of Dr. Ray Peat, who for more than 40 years has studied the interplay between nutrition and health. Since the presented advice is so different, there will be a learning curve and a lot of changing in your perceptions about food and health.


The hypothyroid treatment program consists of 17 modules, and  teach you, how to use food, supplements, thyroid medication, light therapy and other energy and hormone supportive components to increase your thyroid function and decrease inflammation, aging and disease.  


Our meal guide helps you implement the thyroid supportive diet recommendations of the hypothyroid cure program, and includes examples of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between snacks. Calcium and protein guides, teach you how to get enough of these thyroid essential nutrients into your daily diet. 


The supplement list provides vitamins, minerals, herbs and other compounds, which are beneficial in a full thyroid and hormonal healing plan. Some of the supplements have member discounts. The thyroid guide gives information on over the counter natural thyroid supplements for supporting metabolism. The dosage guides help you use all supplements correctly.


BiochemNordic is  constantly researching the health literature, and collect important information about thyroid function, hormonal health, anti-aging and anti-inflammation in their hypothyroid cure articles


Members can purchase private counseling sessions if personalized help is needed. The sessions usually take place online via Skype, What’s app, Facebook messenger call, or optional phone.

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New material is contentiously added to the member area. As a member you have aces to all new material and updates. 

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