Hypothyroid Treatment Programs

How To Overcome Hypothyroidism and Hormonal Imbalances?

I have made two hypothyroid treatment programs. A full-length hypothyroid treatment program and a short introductory program.

These programs describe the health method I used to heal my own hypothyroidism. The health advice presented is very different from other health methods out there.

My Natural thyroid healing method is based on the amazing work of Dr. Ray Peat, who for more than 40 years has researched the interaction between, nutrition and health.

The full-length hypothyroid treatment program gives you all the knowledge you need to heal your low thyroid function, balance your hormones as well as overcome stress and inflammation.

The introduction program presents an overview of my natural thyroid healing method, thus giving you an insight into my diet and supplement method.

Start Your Thyroid Healing  – save 20%:

This package includes the hypothyroid treatment program as well as two important thyroid supplement guides for quick-starting your thyroid and hormonal healing process.  The additional guides are the hormonal support guide and the thyroid supplement guide. You save 20 % when you purchase these three products together.

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