Thyroid health articles

Newest treatment for hypothyroidism!

The thyroid health articles cover important health information for benefiting your thyroid function and hormonal balance.

BiochemNordic is constantly researching the health literature and new articles with interesting and important thyroid health information are continuously added here!

The topics of our thyroid health articles are thus concentrated on the newest health research concerning nutritional supplements and hormonal support compounds that can help you overcome hypothyroidism, and prevent inflammation as well as fight aging, stress, and disease.

The articles are meant as an addition to our hypothyroid treatment program!

The hypothyroid treatment program is our master product explaining all of BiochemNordic’s important thyroid treatment principles! Thus this program is a must read if you are struggling with symptoms of hypothyroidism.

The hypothyroid treatment program explains the health method I used to overcome my own symptoms of low thyroid function, and gives you the tools and knowledge you need to do the same!

The thyroid health articles are written with the hypothyroid treatment program as the base, and thus the material in the article often assumes that you are familiar with the information of the hypothyroid treatment program!

These articles are inspired by the research of Dr. Ray Peat, as well as other sources with a focus on thyroid and hormonal health.

As explained throughout this website a big inspiration for my health advice is the amazing research of Dr. Ray Peat, a leading thyroid expert, and biologist whom for more than 40 years has researched the interactions of food, thyroid function, hormonal balance, inflammation, stress, aging, health, and disease. 

Dr. Ray Peats articles and newsletter contains rather difficult biochemistry! Our thyroid health article concentrate on explaining the important new aspect of Dr. Ray Peats thyroid and diet research as well as my latest updates to my thyroid treatment regime. 

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