Thyroid diet

Diet for hypothyroidism

Our thyroid promoting diet recommendations are different from anything you have ever seen! we are confident that when you have tried our thyroid diet and experienced what it can do for your hormonal balance that you will never try another diet again!

BiochemNordic’s thyroid diet guides help you implement the diet recommendations of our hypothyroid treatment program, into your daily routines. 

The thyroid diet guides help you construct meals consisting of thyroid promoting foods, that support your thyroid function from day one!

The meal guide presents a number of examples for thyroid supporting breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as in-between snacks that have thyroid supporting actions.

The background explanations for all the amazing and different thyroid diet advice are presented in this revolutionizing thyroid healing program. 

Our thyroid diet recommendations are different from anything you have ever seen. When you have tried this thyroid promoting diet and experienced what it can do for your thyroid function and hormonal balance you will never try another diet again!

Calcium and protein guides

The thyroid diet guides also include a protein guide and a calcium guide.

Getting enough high-quality protein into your daily diet is crucial for good thyroid function and low protein intake is often contributing to impaired metabolism and hormonal disturbances. The reason for the livers involvement in thyroid function and metabolism is due to the fact that the liver takes care of the majority of the activation of the inactive thyroid hormone T4 to the active hormone T3.  Thus a sluggish liver drastically lowers your metabolism. In order to function optimally, the liver needs a large amount of high-quality protein.

Our protein guide, therefore, teaches you about high-quality protein sources that support liver function and metabolism at the same time, as well as how to get enough protein into your daily diet for optimal thyroid function. 

Calcium is a very important mineral for optimal body health and a large amount of calcium is necessary to fight inflammation and disease. Most peoples diets lack calcium, as they are not using milk products anymore!

Our calcium guide helps you get enough calcium into your diet as it present high-quality calcium-rich foods that support thyroid function and inhibits inflammation. 

Dr. Ray Peat's thyroid diet

BiochemNordi’s thyroid promoting diet method is based on the amazing work of Dr. Ray Peat, whom for more than 40 years has researched the interactions between food, hormones, thyroid function, and health. I have used Dr. Ray Peat’s thyroid healing methods to cure my own hypothyroidism.

Dr. Ray Peat’s diet and health approach are very different from other health approaches out there. The key notion of Dr. Ray Peat is that thyroid function is crucial to good health, as it controls metabolism and cellular energy production.

Low thyroid function leads to degeneration and disease, as the cells of your body are not functioning optimally,  see our list of symptoms of low thyroid function.

The main principle of Dr. Ray Peat’s diet advice is to base the diet on thyroid supporting foods and eliminate foods that directly inhibits cellular energy production. Thereby, cellular energy production is optimized and your metabolism increased.

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