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About our thyroid diet guides

BiochemNordic’s thyroid diet guides help you implement the diet recommendations of our program, into your daily routines.

BiochemNordic’s diet recommendations are based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat and are very different from other health approaches out there.

The key notion of Dr. Ray Peat is that thyroid function is crucial to health, as it controls metabolism and cellular energy production.

Low thyroid function leads to degeneration and disease, as the cells of your are not functioning optimally,  see our list of symptoms of low thyroid function.

The principle of Dr. Ray Peat’s diet advice is to base the diet on thyroid supporting foods and eliminate foods that directly inhibits cellular energy production. This way cellular energy production is optimized and your body strengthened.

Important:  If you already have a comprehensive knowledge of Dr. Ray Peat’s health approach, you can use these guides right away! Otherwise, it is necessary to obtain the background knowledge from Biochemnordic’s hypothyroid treatement program.