Thyroid supporting supplements

When to use supplements

BiochemNordic’s approach to treating hypothyroidism always starts out with a thyroid supportive diet, as outlined in our hypothyroid treatment program and diet guides.

If further support is needed after implementation of our diet principles, using thyroid supportive supplements is the next step. Our supplement guides provide crucial information about treatment with nutritional supplements, meaning vitamins minerals and herbs, hormonal support compounds, as well as metabolic aid in the form of natural thyroid supplements. 

Clean supplements

It is very important to know that supplements often contain binders and fillers, which can create  problems for the body, including systemic inflammation. You can read more about the problematic issues with many manufactured supplements in our hypothyroid treatment program, module 13. All supplements presented  by BiochemNordic are clean without dangerous fillers and binders.

Shop with BiochemNordic discount

BiochemNordic is constantly seeking to provides our clients with the best prices on supplements. Thus we are constantly contacting suppliers in order to provide you with discounts on high-quality supplements. To be sure to obtain your discount, carefully follow the instructions on each of our products, many of them will have a possibility to obtain a significant price reduction. 

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