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A calcium deficiency is often involved in hormonal disturbances and inflammatory processes. High daily calcium intake is a must for a healthy thyroid function and hormonal balance. Calcium is also necessary for bone and teeth strength, in addition, a high calcium diet helps prevent obesity.

Therefore high calcium foods are an important part of my hypothyroid treatment diet. Dairy products are great sources of calcium, but how much of the dairy products are necessary and are their other foods besides dairy that are high in calcium too?

This Calcium guide Answers The Following Questions:

  • Why does a low daily calcium intake lead to hormonal disturbances and inflammation?
  • How does calcium inhibit obesity?
  • How much calcium is needed per day?
  • What vitamins works together with calcium to create a healthy calcium balance?
  • What foods are high in calcium?
  • What is the specific calcium content of different foods?
  • An example of how to eat in a day in order to have a high calcium intake?
  • Can I use calcium supplements instead of food to get my daily calcium?
  • What is the best calcium supplement?

1 review for Thyroid Diet Calcium Guide Save 25%

  1. Michael

    Great guide, it helped me a lot in getting enough calcium into my diet.

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