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Calcium is necessary for bone and teeth strength and plays an important role in preventing inflammation and obesity. A calcium deficiency is often involved in hormonal disturbances and inflammatory processes.

Due to the fact that many people are not drinking milk anymore and only use dairy products scarcely, a ca deficiency of calcium is becoming very common. The reason for not using dairy products are often influenced by the negative reputation of milk in the health community and general media. Other reasons for the low milk and dairy intake can be food intolerance or allergies.

My thyroid promoting diet is outlined in my hypothyroid treatment program and includes milk and dairy products abundantly. According to the research of Dr. Ray Peat milk and dairy as well as other calcium-rich foods are a must for a healthy thyroid function and hormonal balance!

Module 11 of the hypothyroid treatment program focuses on helping you overcome a food intolerance to milk products – so that you can take advantage of all the amazing health benefits of dairy.

Track your calcium intake:

In order to obtain a daily high calcium intake, it is important that your diet contains calcium-rich foods! We all know that milk and dairy products are great sources of calcium, but how much of the dairy products are necessary and are there other foods besides dairy that are rich in calcium too – this guide answers these questions

This calcium guide provides information about:

  • How much calcium is needed per day to prevent hormonal disturbances and inflammation?
  • What vitamins works together with calcium to create a healthy calcium balance.
  • Ideas for calcium-rich foods that are helpful in your thyroid supporting diet plan.
  • specific calcium content of the individual foods.
  • An example of how to eat in a day in order to get enough calcium.
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