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Short version - hypothyroid treatment program

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Short version of the program BiochemNordic


This short program, goes through all the nutritional advice of BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid treatment program, in concise form, without the biochemical explanations, thus presenting our amazing thyroid promoting diet advice in a super simple way!

Print this short program and have it in your bag when you go grocery shopping, or put it on your refrigerator door for easy access to all the great nutritional advice.

You will learn which foods to include in your daily diet to support your metabolic rate and which foods are not recommendable as they suppress a healthy thyroid function.

Thyroid diet advice of the short program:

  • List of good quality protein foods that are necessary for good thyroid function and healthy hormonal balance.
  • List of good quality carbohydrates including fruit and sugars for activation of the inactive thyroid hormone T4 to the active hormone T3.
  • List of healthy fats and oils that activate thyroid function.
  • List of healthy fiber-rich foods that cleans your intestines
  • List of recommendable beverages
  • list of allergenic foods that should be avoided as they create general inflammation
  • List of foods that have an anti-thyroid effect.

Full hypothyroid treatment program:

If you are interested in the background explanations for all the great thyroid promoting diet recommendations, you need to get the hypothyroid treatment program, which in addition to diet advice also contains the other health concepts which I used to overcome my own hypothyroidism.

The full hypothyroid treatment program also includes very important information on which nutritional supplements are helpful for optimal metabolism, and which common nutritional supplements are directly harmful to your thyroid function. Other topics which are covered in the full hypothyroid treatment program are thyroid replacement therapy, hormonal support using the body’s own natural anti-aging and anti-stress hormones pregnenolone and progesterone, as well as light therapy for good hormonal balance.

Importantly further help using our amazing and different thyroid diet advice is found in our thyroid diet guides, which provides meal examples, including breakfast, lunch dinner as well as snacks that support your thyroid function. The thyroid diet guides also include a calcium and protein guide because both calcium and protein play important roles for optimal hormonal balance and.

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