Nutritional supplements guide

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Product description

This guide helps you use nutritional supplements for supporting thyroid function.

When the metabolic rate raises, the requirements for nutrients also rises and if your diet is not extremely good, you are likely to run out of vitamins and minerals.

This guide provides you with a detailed supplement program, with product and dosage recommendations for recommendable nutritional supplements.

When using nutritional supplements it is very important to avoid products with dangerous fillers and binders. The BiochemNordic supplement guide only includes safe and clean high-quality supplements.

This guide provides: 

  • Information about vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are useful in a thyroid supportive lifestyle.
  • Information on symptoms related to a deficiency of a particular nutrient.
  • Specific product recommendations make for easy purchase of the right high-quality supplements.
  • Supplement product lists for both European and American clients
  • Dosage recommendation of each supplement, make it easy for you to use the supplements correctly.
  • Discount codes are provided for several of the supplements.


Thyroid  Expert <br> Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD

Thyroid Expert
Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD

Services for supporting thyroid function and correcting hormonal imbalances.