My hypothyroidism recovery

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My passion for health and especially the implication of low thyroid function in disease stems from my own health story. When I was 20 years old I had symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as severe fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, muscle aches,  allergies, etc.

I owe my journey back to health, to the outstanding work of Dr. Ray Peat, who’s health principles I have applied to my own life ever since.

My hypothyroidism recovery:

In this article, you can read my full health story, and how I used Dr. Ray Peat’s health method to overcome my symptoms of hypothyroidism, as well as all the other health and diet approaches I took that didn’ help my health situation. You will learn how I used Dr. Ray Peat’s diet and health principles to improve my thyroid function, cure my hypoglycemia and balance my hormones.



Thyroid  Expert <br> Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD

Thyroid Expert
Benedicte Lerche MSc PhD

Services for supporting thyroid function and correcting hormonal imbalances.