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Product description

Most people diagnosed with low thyroid function/hypothyroidism are prescribed Levothyroxine (T4), However, it is important to remember that the active thyroid hormone is T3 and that T4 is the storage hormone, which is converted to T3 mainly in the liver.

When the effect of pure T4 medication was tested, it was done on healthy young male medical students, and in them, it worked very well, as healthy males have no problem converting T4 to the active T3 hormone. However, women and seriously hypothyroid people often have trouble with a pure T4 medication, because their liver is less effective and they have trouble converting T4 to T3.

Natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) also called thyroid extract is a dried powdered thyroid gland from an animal, usually from a pig (porcine thyroid) but it can also be from a cow (bovine thyroid). These thyroid extracts provide a similar ratio of T4 and T3 to the one secreted by the human thyroid gland and were the first type of medication for treating hypothyroidism before the thyroid hormones where synthesized.

Since pig’s and cow’s thyroid glands produce the thyroid hormones T4 and T3 in ratios very close to the human thyroid gland, one cannot go very far wrong with the natural thyroid extracts.

Reliable brands of over the counter thyroid supplements:

Many of the NDT products on the marked are prescription drugs, including Armour thyroid, Erfa thyroid, and NatureThroid, whereas others are Over The Counter (OTC) supplements. OTC natural thyroid supplements can be beneficial for people that do not have a prescription for thyroid hormone, or who want to avoid medication. There can also be a situation.

Researching the market for OTC thyroid supplements, BiochemNordic found that many of these thyroid supplements have had the active thyroid hormones removed, which can be stated on the label as “thyroxin free”, however, some brands do not state on the label that their product is in fact “thyroxin free” but contacting the companies confirm this fact.

A reliable natural thyroid supplement is simply the dried powdered meat of the whole thyroid gland of porcine or bovine origin, with its highly complex blend of naturally-occurring proteins, nucleotides, enzymes, hormones, nucleoproteins and fats, vitamins and minerals.

When choosing an over the counter natural desiccated thyroid (NDT), it is thus very important that it contains the whole thyroid gland prepared freeze-dried so all of the naturally occurring factors remain intact in trace amounts. It is important that nothing is removed from the glandular material – that it is simply the whole gland.

This thyroid supplement guide provides the following information:

  • Carefully selected brands of reliable over the counter natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) products.
  • Description of how to use each of the presented thyroid supplements correctly, in order to increase your thyroid function over time in a way that fits your body’s healing process!
  • Discount codes for selected thyroid supplements.
  • Practitioner only thyroid supplements, meaning that these products are not available on the free market but needs to be bought through a practitioner such as BiochemNordic due to their high potency.

(we are not selling the products, this guide gives you the information you need to choose and use a reliable thyroid supplement)

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