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Ray Peat diet program
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Can You Treat Hypothyroidism Naturally ?

This hypothyroid treatment program teaches you how to overcome symptoms of low thyroid function and hormonal imbalances using diet and lifestyle and in some cases also thyroid medication, and natural anti-aging and anti stress hormones. 

Our hypothyroid treatment program is based on the amazing research of Dr. Ray Peat, a leading expert on how to use food and lifestyle to support thyroid function.

I have used the health principles of Dr. Ray Peat to overcome my own hypothyroidism and hormonal problems and with this program I am for you to do the same. 

How to Treat Low Thyroid Function Naturally?

Our hypothyroid treatment program teaches you how to use diet and supplements to overcome hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances.

You will learn how to support your thyroid function with diet vitamins minerals and herbs. You will also get crucial information on thyroid replacement therapy both synthetic thyroid hormones and natural desiccated thyroid supplements. In addition, you will learn how the natural hormones progesterone and pregnenolone can help you overcome many of the stress and hormonal imbalances that often are connected to hypothyroidism.  

Program Table of Content - 17 Modules

  • High Cellular Energy State
  • Low Cellular Energy State
  • How Does T3 Control Cellular Energy Production?
  • What Are The Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism?
  • How Do I Test My Thyroid Function?
  • What Is The Interplay Between Hypothyroidism And Stress Hormones?
  • How Can I Use Pulse And Temperature To Measure Thyroid Function?
  • What Are Anti-Thyroid Foods And Substances?
  • Are There Foods Naturally Containing Thyroid Hormone?
  • What are fats?
  • What are Polyunsaturated Fats (PUFA)
  • Why is PUFA suppressing my thyroid function?
  • How do I avoid PUFA’s
  • What are saturated fats and why do they support my thyroid function.
  • How can I detoxify myself from the PUFA I have stored in my tissues.
  • What fats and oils are recommended on a thyroid supporting diet?
  • Why is cholesterol so important for a healthy hormonal balance?
  • What are the myths and facts regarding the connection between high cholesterol and heart disease?
  • What are carbohydrates?
  • Why does low blood sugar lead to hypothyroidism on the cellular level?
  • What does pure starch upset my blood sugar?
  • How does fructose balance my blood sugar?
  • What are the bad types of carbohydrates?
  • What are the good types of carbohydrates?
  • Should I avoid bread?
  • What carbohydrates are recommended on a thyroid supporting diet?
  • What are proteins?
  • What are low-quality proteins?
  • What are high-quality proteins?
  • Why is potato protein useful in stress?
  • How can mushrooms replace meat?
  • What vitamins and minerals are present in high protein-rich foods?
  • How do protein-rich foods affect my blood sugar
  • What are the recommended proteins on a thyroid supporting diet?
  • What is a good thyroid supporting meal?
  • How do I combine my foods so that I stabilize my blood sugar?
  • Why is salt helping cellular energy production?
  • How can eating salt improves my sleep?
  • What are the recommended types of salt and spices on a thyroid supporting diet?
  • Are there benefits to drinking coffee?
  • Are alcoholic drinks problematic?
  • What are the recommended beverages on a thyroid supporting diet
  • Why is Intestinal health so important for overall health?
  • How can I use antimicrobial fibers to clean my intestines?
  • What are the recommended antimicrobial fibers on a thyroid supporting diet?
  • What is food intolerance?
  • How to overcoming milk intolerance?

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  • Does eating sugar promote yeast infection?
  • What is the connection between sugar and diabetes?
  • Can sugar help if I have an allergy attack or migraine?
  • What is the cure for sugar cravings?
  • Carrageenan and other thickeners and fillers
  • Sulfites in food and medicine
  • Should I use nutritional supplements?
  • Should I take vitamin A?
  • Should I take vitamin E?
  • Should I take B- vitamins?
  • Why is calcium so important for my health?
  • What are the best calcium supplements?
  • How are Vitamin D & K preventing inflammation?
  • How charcoal, sulfur and cascara herb can help clean the intestines.
  • What are common nutritional supplements that directly suppress thyroid function and healthy hormonal balance?
  • Why does darkness damage my thyroid and hormonal balance?
  • How light therapy can help my thyroid function?
  • What are the best light therapy lamps?
  • What is the role of the thyroid gland and the thyroid hormones?
  • When to take thyroid?
  • What are the best blood tests for thyroid function?
  • How do I determine my thyroid function?
  • What is the problem with pure T4 medication?
  • What is natural desiccated thyroid (NDT)?
  • What is the best thyroid medication – natural desiccated thyroid or synthetic thyroid hormone?
  • How do I convert between the strength of natural thyroid and synthetic thyroid medication?
  • What is  a normal thyroid  medicine dosage
  • How to take thyroid medication?
  • How do I find my thyroid dosage?
  • What are the body’s natural protective anti-aging and anti-stress hormones?
  • What are the benefits of pregnenolone?
  • What are the benefits of progesterone?
  • What are the anti-aging and anti-stress effects of pregnenolone and progesterone?

3 reviews for Hypothyroid Treatment Program 40 % Off

  1. Constantin

    After having read the program I understand much better, how my body is affected by what I eat, and I realise that I have to change what I am eating. Thank you!

  2. Michael

    Very very good! This program gives you, in a compact form, an understanding of how your thyroid is functioning, and how important it is for your metabolism and the energy of your cells. It explains complicated stuff in a way, so at least I could understand most of it.

  3. Peter

    I wanted to understand Dr.Ray Peat thyroid healing method and that is exactly what I got in this program- Thanks!

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