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You save 15 % with our starter package. This package is made for you if you want to invest in your health and understand our thyroid and hormonal healing principles in depth.

By buying 3 products together you get a 15 % discount!

You will get our hypothyroid treatment program, which goes into detail about our thyroid supporting diet and lifestyle principles.

You will also get the thyroid supplement guide and the hormonal support guide. These guides help you select and use supplements that support your thyroid function and hormonal balance.

If you are a newbie to the research of Dr. Ray Peat and you want to make sure you understand the main principles of our thyroid and hormonal supporting diet and lifestyle principles, you should get this package.

Hypothyroid treatment program:

The health recommendations presented in the hypothyroid treatment program are very different from other advice, and thus there will be a learning curve where you change your opinions of health, hormones, and diet completely.

So if you are ready to overcome your low thyroid function, improve your hormonal balance and fight aging and inflammation, this program is for you! The hypothyroid treatment program is packed with information and aims for you to understand your body so you can take control of your health.

In the hypothyroid treatment program, you will learn: 

  • Why good thyroid function and cellular energy production is so important for your health.
  • What happens if your thyroid function drops and why it leads to a low energy state with symptoms.
  • Which food should be avoided because they suppress thyroid function.
  • A thyroid promoting diet, containing good quality foods that support thyroid function naturally.
  • What fats are suitable for a thyroid promoting diet, and what fats and oils should be avoided as they powerfully suppress your thyroid function.
  • What types of carbohydrates are important for keeping the thyroid function up.
  • Which protein sources are best for the thyroid function.
  • Why your body needs sugar and how good sugars can increase your metabolism by about 25 %
  • The truth about sugar craving and how sugar affects fungus infections.
  • The truth about cholesterol and why you should not fear this life necessary molecule
  • Why salt is necessary for your health especially if you are low thyroid.
  • What causes food intolerances, and how you can work on overcoming them.
  • How to keep your digestion healthy and avoid bacterial overgrowth of the intestines.
  • About common allergens that are found in even organic foods but should be avoided.
  • What nutritional supplements can be beneficial for your hypothyroid recovery and which should be avoided as they are seriously harmful to good health.
  • About how red light therapy can benefit the hormonal balance.
  • Crucial information on thyroid replacement therapy and which of these therapies are superior to others.
  • How the natural hormones; progesterone and pregnenolone play such an important part in health.

You can learn more about the hypothyroid treatment program here!

Thyroid supplement guide and Hormonal support guide:

The package also includes the thyroid supplement guide and the hormonal support guide. These guides help you select and use supplements that support your thyroid function and hormonal balance.

The thyroid supplements guide provides crucial information about selected over the counter natural thyroid supplements that can be used to increase your thyroid function if our diet principles are not enough to increase your metabolism.

The hormonal support guide provides information on pregnenolone and progesterone, which are both anti-stress and anti-aging hormones that are naturally produced in the body. The hormonal support guide provides information on which brand of pregnenolone and progesterone are reliable and can be used as supplements for supporting your hormonal balance.

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