Thyroid Supporting Vitamins Minerals & Herbs

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Thyroid supportive supplements
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Supplements for treating hypothyroidism

This thyroid supplement list helps you chose nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are important for good thyroid function and hormonal balance. The supplement list is inspired by the research of Dr. Ray Peat, and are part of my hypothyroid treatment method.

Thyroid function and vitamins and minerals:

Generally, it is recommended to get most of your vitamins and minerals from my thyroid promoting diet, as explained in my hypothyroid treatment program. However, there can be situations where extra nutritional supplements are needed.

When the metabolic rate raises, the requirements for nutrients increase, and if your diet is not extremely good, you are likely to run out of vitamins and minerals. Biotin, vitamin B6, B5, selenium, and copper are things that are among the first to become deficient.

High-quality supplements:

When using nutritional supplements it is very important to avoid products with dangerous fillers and binders.

Many manufactured nutritional supplements contain binders and fillers, which can create problems for the body, including systemic inflammation. You can read more about the problematic issues with many manufactured supplements in our hypothyroid treatment program, Module 13. All our recommended supplements are clean without dangerous fillers and binders.

My presented supplements are clean without dangerous fillers! Some of the recommended supplements contain magnesium stearate. According to Ray Peat, magnesium stearate is safe chemically, as it is made from magnesium and stearic acid. Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid also present in coconut oil.

Ray Peat quote: 

“I’m extremely sensitive to additives, but magnesium stearate does not seem to bother me!


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