Calcium and inflammation?

Low dietary calcium intake can lead to inflammatory conditions. BiochemNordic's services help you select foods rich in calcium, and improve your calcium metabolism using the right supplements thereby reducing inflammation.
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Low dietary  calcium intake can lead to inflammatory conditions as too little calcium leads to elevated parathyroid hormone. 

About 1500 mg of calcium per day is necessary in order to keep the parathyroid hormone down into a safe range.

A high parathyroid hormone is involved in inflammatory diseases, thus around 2000 mg of calcium per day is very useful for preventing inflammatory problems and diseases. 

In order to obtain such a high calcium intake, it is important that the daily diet contains calcium-rich foods! We all know that milk and dairy products are great sources of calcium, but how much of the dairy products are necessary to obtain the 2000 mg of daily calcium, and are there other foods besides dairy that are rich in calcium too?

In BiochemNordic’s hypothyroid treatment program Module 14 you can learn more about the connection between calcium and inflammation and how vitamin D and K2 also are important for lowering the parathyroid hormone.

In addition, BiochemNordic’s calcium guide gives information on different calcium-rich foods and their individual amounts of calcium, making it easy for you to obtain a high daily calcium intake.

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