Dr. Ray Peat’s chocolate cake

This might be the worlds best and healthiest chocolate cake! It contains ingredients that support thyroid function, such as healthy fats, eggs, and chocolate which are all part of Dr. Ray Peat's thyroid diet.
world's best chocolate cake - without flour

I tried it the first time at a friends birthday party, and I must say it was very good. My friend got the recipe from the Danish magazine ‘Femina’. Surprisingly the cake is without flour, and only with ingredients that are part of my thyroid supportive diet, thus I want to share it here on my health my blog – enjoy”.Chocolate cake for 12 people:

4 eggs
260 g (9,2 Ounces) sugar
1 dl  (0.4 Cup) boiling water
300 g (10.6 Ounces) dark chocolate 85% 
200 g (7 Ounces) unsalted butter

Chocolate cake recipe – how to do it:

1. Whip the eggs with 1/3 of the sugar until the amount is quadrupled (it takes about 10 minutes with an electric whisker).

2. Boil the water and the rest of the sugar into a thick sugar batter. Chop the chocolate roughly and add it together with the butter into the sugar batter. Stir until dissolved and then remove from heat. It is important that the sugar batter is very thick and that butter and chocolate are completely dissolved. 

3.  Very gently add the chocolate mass to the egg mass, it is important to add a little at the time and mix very gently.

4. Distribute the chocolate cake dough into a round or square mold of about 20 cm and with a 5 cm high edge lined with baking paper. Put the mold in a deep oven-proof dish filled with boiling water (it is important that the water goes up to the edge of the mold with the dough).

5. Bake the cake in the water bath for 50 minutes in a 160 ° C (320 °F ) hot oven. Once it has got 50 minutes, test with a knitting needle, and if it sticks, then give it 10 minutes more. Cool the cake, before taking it out of the mold, by turning 

– Always store your chocolate cake in the refrigerator. The cake is best the day after.  

You can learn more about eggs, butter and chocolate and why these are so good for your thyroid in the BiochemNordic membership!

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