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Biochemist Benedicte Mai Lerche, M.Sc. Ph.D.

About counseling

BiochemNordic members can purchase private counseling sessions. 

I do sessions with members from all over the world. The sessions usually takes place online via, Skype, Whats app or Facebook messenger call, but they can also take place via phone.

In these one on one sessions, there is focus on your specific health situation. Some typical topics of the counseling sessions are: 

  • Low thyroid function/low metabolism
  • Estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency
  • Inflammation and stress reactions
  • Digestive problems and allergies
  • Thyroid supplementation

Steps of counseling

In the first sessions there is focus on your health story.  I will evaluate your symptoms and pulse and temperature measurements in order to get an impression of your metabolic status. 

If you have had thyroid function blood tests done, these are taken into account.

I can also guide you on which blood test to have done at your doctor, if these will be helpful in getting the full picture of your metabolic status.

The next steps concerns customizing of the best thyroid supportive diet for your needs, including selecting energy supportive vitamin and mineral supplements as well as other anti-stress and anti-inflammatory components.

If further metabolic support is needed, BiochemNordic can guide you on thyroid support supplements. I also work with people who are on prescription thyroid medication from their doctor.

  • Counseling price per hour $100

    More than one session is usually needed in order to resolve longstanding health issues.