Ray Peat supplementsAccording to Dr. Ray Peat it is usually best to use natural and high quality foods as the source of vitamins and minerals, because supplements often contain binders and fillers, such as microcrystalline cellulose, silica, titan dioxide etc., which can create many problems for the body, including systemic inflammation and degenerative diseases.

As a BiochemNordic member you can read more about the problematic issues with many manufactured supplements in the online program Module 13.

However, there can be situations where selected nutritional supplements are beneficial. In these situations, finding the purest products without the problematic additives is very important!

Ray Peat inspired supplements, foods and personal care products:

BiochemNordic is constantly researching the marked for high quality supplements, foods and personal care products that are usefully in a Ray Peat inspired life style.

BiochemNordic has collected a list of high products on Amazon USA for people situated in USA, Canada etc. and Amazon UK for people situated in Europe. Guidance to dosage examples of Ray Peat inspired supplements  are accessible to BiochemNordic members:

List of Ray Peat inspired health products on Amazon USA

List of Ray peat inspired health products on Amazon UK

Supplements dosage guide - (BiochemNordic members only)!

Thyroid supplements:

over the counter thyroid supplementReliable OTC (Over The Counter) thyroid supplements are made from the dried powdered meats of the thyroid gland of porcine or bovine origin extracted gently in order to preserve its highly complex blend of naturally-occurring proteins, nucleotides, enzymes, hormones, nucleoproteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Guidance on reliable OTC thyroid supplement brands is available to BiochemNordic members only!

As a BiochemNordic member you can read more about hypothyroidism and thyroid  therapy in  the online program Module 2 and Module 16.

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