Thyroid diet

Support your thyroid function with the right foods!

Thyroid diet

How to cure hypothyroidism with diet?

The nutritional recommendations presented by BiochemNordic challenges many dogmatic beliefs about nutrition and health. 

BiochemNordic’s thyroid diet is based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat, a leading expert on how to use food to support thyroid function and hormonal balance. 

The typical modern diet and most health diets include substances that directly inhibit the thyroid function; by eliminating these and instead basing the diet on energy supportive foods, your body is strengthened and your thyroid function is increased.

Our thyroid diet is based on protective fats (such as coconut oil) good carbohydrates (mainly from fruits and certain vegetables ) and high-quality proteins, including eggs, milk, shellfish as well as certain meats and high protein vegetables.

Our diet recommendations are suitable for vegetarians, but not vegans. For more details about our diet and health recommendations see our hypothyroid cure program. 

Thyroid diet guides

Below you find guides for implementing our thyroid diet into your daily routines. 

The meal guide presents examples of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between snacks.

Since the liver converts the majority of the inactive thyroid hormone T4 to the active hormone T3, keeping the liver healthy, is extremely important for keeping the metabolism up.

The liver needs glucose to convert T4  to T3.  Thus the meal guide includes ideas for snacks,  that help stabilize blood sugar throughout the day, thus improving thyroid function. 

A good liver function is also dependent on  a high daily intake of good quality protein. Our protein guide teaches you how to get enough good quality proteins into your diet.

A high parathyroid hormone is involved in inflammatory diseases.   and hormonal disturbances. The parathyroid hormone can be kept down into a safe range  with a high daily calcium intake. Thus a diet rich in calcium is very useful for preventing inflammatory conditions.

The calcium guide gives information about how much calcium is needed to prevent inflammation, as well as the calcium content in different foods, helping you track your daily calcium intake. 

Ray peat diet

meal guide

Implement our thyroid  diet for curing hypothyroidism and improving hormonal balance. 

protein guide

High quality protein rich foods, that support liver function and promote thyroid function 

Calcium guide

High-quality calcium-rich foods, that has anti-inflammatory properties.