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The membership services provided by BiochemNordic are based on Dr. Ray Peat 's books, newsletters, interviews as well as personal correspondence with Dr. Ray Peat.

The membership services focus on improving cellular energy production and prevent inflammation, stress and degenerative processes. The aim is to help you increase your thyroid function and  promote a healthy endocrine and hormonal balance in general.

Online program

Ray Peat health program

Online program

As a BiochemNodic member you get full access to all modules of the BiochemNordic's online program. The nutritional advice provided in this program is not just another "quick fix" diet, instead it is a nutritional lifestyle, which is based on Dr. Ray Peat's deep understanding of how the body works on the biochemical level.

The program aims at being the beginning of a new chapter in your life where you take control of your health, and learn how to use food to support your metabolism and reduce stress, inflammation, aging and disease. Apart from nutritional advise the program also contains important information on light therapy, thyroid hormone replacement therapy as well as anti-aging and anti stress hormones and more, see the full table of content of the program here!

To learn more about the program go here!

Diet help

Ray Peat meal examples

Diet help

As a BiochemNordic member you have access to the diet help. This service includes Ray Peat inspired meal and snack examples.

You are provided  ideas for your breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as small in between meals/snacks.

The diet help also includes a calcium guide that can help you obtain enough  calcium in your daily diet.


Ray Peat supplements

The health supplement marked can be a jungle for many people. BiochemNordic helps you navigate in the enormous amount of products available and select high quality and safe vitamins, minerals and herb supplements that are useful in a Ray Peat inspired lifestyle.

BiochemNordic provide health products lists, which includes links to carefully selected products, making it easy for you to purchase good and safe supplements, without harmful binders and fillers.

Dosage guide to the individual supplements is only available to BiochemNordic members.

Thyroid support supplements

over the counter thyroid supplement

When choosing an over the counter thyroid glandular it is very important that it contains the whole thyroid gland prepared freeze-dried, so all of the naturally occurring factors remain intact in the product. It is important that nothing is removed from the glandular material - that it is  simply the whole gland. As a special service to its members, BiochemNordic offers guidance on reliable OTC thyroid Supplement,  as well as acces to purchase of practitioner only thyroid support supplements.


Ray Peat counseling

BiochemNordic counseling

As a BiochemNordic member you have acces to purchase of individual counseling sessions. I do counseling with people from all over the world via Skype or phone.

In these one on one sessions there is focus on your specific health situation and your specific needs. The primary aim of the counseling is optimization of your metabolism and hormonal balances in general. Your health problems are addressed from a nutritional and biochemical point of view, aiming at reaching their understanding and permanent resolution.

To learn more about the individual counseling go here!

As a BiochemNordic member you can book a counseling session here.

Free 15 minutes call

As a BiochemNordic member you have the opportunity to book a free 15 minuts call that can take place via Skype or phone. This service is provided in order for you to learn more about BiochemNordic's one on one counseling service and how it can help you, so you can decide if individual counseling is appropriate for you! However, the free call can also be used for other inquiries regarding BiochemNordic's services.

You can book your free 15 minuts call here! 

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