Supplement list

Support cellular energy with supplements.

It  is usually best to use natural high quality food, as your source of vitamins and minerals.

Supplements often contain binders and fillers, such as microcrystalline cellulose, silica, titan dioxide etc., which can create many problems for the body, including systemic inflammation and degenerative diseases. You can read more about the problematic issues with many manufactured supplements in the health program Module 13.

However, there can be situations where selected nutritional supplements are beneficial. In these situations, finding the purest products without the problematic additives is very important!

BiochemNordic is constantly researching the marked for high quality supplements, functional foods and personal care products, that are usefully in an energy supportive life style.

BiochemNordic has collected a list of high quality supplements, foods and personal care products from Amamzon UK for European clients and Amazon USA for american clients. 

Recommendations on dosages of the individual supplements is provided in the supplement guide, available to members  

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