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Test your thyroid Ray Peat




According to Dr. Ray Peat looking at symptoms and measuring body temperature and pulse rate is a reliable way to test for low thyroid function/low metabolism. You can see a list of symptoms of low thyroid function here! 

Note your measurements in the table below and send the numbers to info@biochemnordic.com for feedback, you can also book a Free Call to discuss your values.

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Sometimes people with slow metabolism have very high stress hormones upon waking, which can create high temperature and pulse values in the morning. Eating breakfast usually decrease the stress hormones as the blood sugar increases.

Measuring both temperature and pulse rate before and after breakfast, as well as in the afternoon will give a good impression of thyroid function. It is good to wait about 15 to 90 minutes after eating to take the after breakfast measurements.

The oral temperature should be about 98.6°F (37 °C) and the pulse rate about 85 beats per minute respectively. These values indicate good thyroid function and should stay stable during the day,  as verified by the afternoon measurement.

Values of temperature and pulse rate significantly below 98.6°F (37 °C) and 85 beats per minute, after eating breakfast (or during the day) indicate low thyroid function.