Coffee stimulates thyroid function!

According to Dr. Ray Peat coffee is very healthy and should be incorporated into your daily diet. Coffee is a very healthy beverage, that contains important vitamins, minerals and prevent many diseases,, as well as stimulate thyroid function.
coffee ray peat

Coffee contains significant amounts of caffeine and is a good source of minerals and B-vitamins, especially magnesium and vitamin B3.

Coffee stimulates the metabolism/thyroid function and is a good anti-inflammatory substance. There is no exact upper limit to how much coffee one can use per day, and it has been found that more than five cups per day have very protective effects against Alzheimer, Parkinson, liver disease etc.

If black coffee creates low blood sugar and stress like reactions, avoid drinking black coffee on an empty stomach. Instead, use coffee only with meals and/or use cream and sugar with the coffee.

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