Hypothyroid treatment program – short version

Short version of BiochemNordic's hypothyroid treatment program is now avalible as part of the program.
Short version of the program BiochemNordic

I have made a short version of all the great thyroid promoting diet advice, from the hypothyroid treatment. The diet advice is based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat and is, in my opinion, amazing, since it was a big factor in me overcoming my own hypothyroidism several years back.

This short program describes all of Dr. Ray Peat’s diet recommendations in a simple short way without the biochemical background. The advice in this short version of the procram coveres which foods are usefull in a thyroid supporting lifestyle and which foods should be avoided because they directly supress metabolism.

It is great to print it out and have it in your bag when you go grocery shopping or put it on your refrigerator door for easy access to all the great diet principle

Learn more about this short program and how it can help you eat your way to a healthy thyroid function. in the product description of the hypothyroid treatment program – short version.

Thyroid diet – short version

Learn more about the short program and all its great diet advice in the product describtion!

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